91-year-old Sunderland super-fan’s day out at the FA Cup final at Wembley

George W Forster has been supporting Sunderland FC for decades now, and his relentlessness finally paid off. He received tickets to the FA cup final where Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0. He was awarded the tickets by SAFC legend Julio Arca alongside various PlayOJO officials.

Sunderland fan received an executive FA Cup Final ticket for his support for the Black Cats

George W Forster (91) was among thousands of other football fans who had the pleasure of watching the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United which was held at Wembley Stadium. George, a 91 year old Sunderland Super-fan arrived at Wembley after being named the English Football League’s “Championship Supporter of the year” during their ceremony in London, and receiving free box seats to the match from an unexpected benefactor.

The tickets were awarded to George by the fair online casino PlayOJO as part of their “Football Fairness Package”. The award was presented by the SAFC legend Julio Arca, accompanied by officials from the company.

PlayOJObegan the “Football Fairness Package” challenging UK online casinos to be fair and transparent. A spokesperson for the company said, “It has been a very unfair season for George. His team is one of just five to have faced double relegation in English football history. But through his work as chairperson of the Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association, he continually demonstrates his commitment to the club.”

“It’s a nice surprise for me!” said George when asked how he felt about the award. He pointed out that he had been at the stadium many times, his most memorable moment being in May 1973 when the Black Cats beat Leeds United to lift the FA Cup that year. George who has been actively involved with the Black Cat’s supporters’ association since it’s inception in 1960 said that it was a wonderful experience being recognised after “all of these years.”


“Because it’s not Sunderland playing, I can just enjoy the match without any pressure. Hopefully, it will be a good one,” said George. “I won’t wear red like I usually do in case people think I’m a Manchester United fan!” joked George, whose decision seems to have been wise considering Chelsea took home the FA Cup after a 1-0 win.

The match should have been an enjoyable one for George, too. Considering the sun-soaked Wembley and the tough gameplay witnessed from both teams, he was sure to enjoy himself. Chelsea managed to win against Manchester United 1-0 thanks to a penalty which was given to Eden Hazard after he was knocked down by Phil Jones in the United box.

Julio Arca also acknowledged George’s support for the team, noting that it is special to see people like George being recognised after supporting the team for such a long time. Arca himself played for Sunderland for years before moving to non-league club South Shields and eventually retiring.

Hopefully, the efforts made by PlayOJO to recognise longtime fans and improve transparency and fairness within the casino industry will resonate with other casino industries. With innovations such as the “Football Fairness Package”, not only will online casinos become more acceptable among residents, but they will also provide an avenue for those who are not usually recognised to receive some limelight. George is without a doubt a very deserving awardee of the package, and hopefully, one among many to come in the near future.

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