Man United fans argue amongst each other over whether they should want Liverpool to beat Real Madrid

Liverpool and Manchester United are two of the biggest rivals in world football but, as they are both English, should they support each other in Europe?

To many, that might sound like a daft question, but it is a very relevant one ahead of tonight’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Indeed, lots of United fans have been discussing and arguing about this on Twitter in the build-up to the big game in Kiev.

As you might imagine, a large contingent of Red Devils fans want to see Liverpool lose – presumably so they don’t have to endure the inevitable gloating from their neighbours.

Furthermore, United fans still seem to have a lot of affection for Cristiano Ronaldo, even though he left Old Trafford for Real nearly nine full years ago.

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However, there is a significant number of United supporters who are hoping to see Liverpool prevail as European champions this evening.

A Reds win would boost England’s UEFA coefficient after all, but is supporting your domestic rivals in Europe weird?

Which side of the fence are you on?

Man United fans want Liverpool to beat Real Madrid

Man United fans want Liverpool to lose to Real Madrid

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