A new way to bet on the World Cup with MustardBet

This summer, bet a new way with MustardBet. Great odds, reinvented in-play, no stake factoring and dynamic pricing help you get your World Cup bet on faster.


If you’re thinking about where to bet during the World Cup, it’s well worth checking out MustardBet. Along with match and outright markets, MustardBet are offering a range of special group markets.

See the difference with MustardBet’s in-play football

Unlike most bookmakers who tend to impose delays of up to eight seconds when processing your in-play football bets, at MustardBet there’s no bet delay for the vast majority of the game.


Whenever there’s an increased possibility of a goal or game changing event, like a suspected red card for example, the match will enter a pending period called Dangerball.

Once this event has passed, e.g. the defending team wins the ball back or no red card is awarded etc, all bets requested during Dangerball will be confirmed. Should a game changing event occur, then all bets placed during this period will be voided.

MustardBet’s in-play Dangerball concept is a major step forward for an online bookmaker. By essentially creating a level playing field between the customer and the bookie, there is no ambiguity around whether the bet will be accepted or the timing of a goal etc. They’ve truly embraced the “may the best man win” spirit.


React faster with dynamic odds

Prices on MustardBet’s platform react instantly to game events and market activity.

With odds displayed to 3 decimal places and a visual notification when they lengthen or shorten, you’ll have more chance of getting the price you want and you can see how your bet affects the market.

Instant max re-bets, whoever you are

MustardBet’s approach to bookmaking is that all customers should get the same price and the same stake amount.

To those of you who have been restricted by the current crop of bookmakers this should come as a very welcome offering. Whether you’re a casual punter or someone who takes a more professional approach, your previous activity doesn’t affect the odds you’re offered.

MustardBet even allow you to re-bet the same selection should you wish. For example, betting the max on England to top Group G will then instantly move the price and allow you to re-bet the max again at the new price, straight from the selection. No more “one bet and that’s it” treatment.

With no clear favourites this year, Russia 2018 is shaping up to be a competitive World Cup and with MustardBet, you’ve got a bookie will help you keep up and get your bets on.

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