Back to school: Big Narstie takes a lesson in Russian

He’s learned commentary skills from a legend and rapped with a local folk band, but now Big Narstie needs to brush up on the Russian lingo as he embarks on the third step of his journey to transform from Rapper to Reporter with 888sport.

Any World Cup reporter worth his salt needs to know a few key local phrases, so 888sport sent Big Narstie to a Russian language school in central London to refine his skills.

Ever wondered what Base Defence League translates to in Russian? You’re about to find out!

After struggling with the alphabet, Narstie took quite well to picking up one or two short Russian phrases, with ‘goal’ a pretty easy one to remember as it’s pretty much the same in almost every language.

He might need to step it up a but if he’s going to doing any football reporting in Russia, however!

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