Episode 5: Big Narstie takes to the skies in extreme pressure test

Grime artist Big Narstie and well-known football reporter Olivia Wayne take to the cockpit to see how well they can cope under pressure, in the latest instalment of 888sport’s Rapper to Reporter series.

Having recently mastered the art of the interview, Big Narstie puts his ability to perform under extreme pressure to the test.

An integral part to being a successful sports reporter is being able to keep calm under pressure when mayhem is ensuing around you. In Rapper to Reporter episode five, with the calming hand and cool head of experienced reporter Olivia Wayne to guide him, Narstie takes to a flight simulator to test his piloting skills and gauge his ability to deliver the goods when the heat is truly on. With the fate of an entire plane resting on his shoulders, can Narstie perform under pressure?

It’s the latest episode in a series which has seen Narstie learn commentary tips from legend Barry Davies, Russian language and culture and interview technique from BT Sport presenter Lynsey Hipgrave as he attempts to land a gig as a bona fide World Cup reporter this summer.