Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hammers Real Madrid superstar for “ruthless and brutal” actions in Champions League final

Jurgen Klopp has gone in on Real Madrid superstar Sergio Ramos for his actions against Liverpool in the Champions League final in May. 

As per the Daily Star, Klopp described Ramos’ tackle, that caused him to receive a lot of grief, as “ruthless and brutal”, and that Ramos set out to target both Salah and Loris Karis.

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Speaking about Ramos’ challenge on Salah in the final, Klopp stated “I watched that back, of course. If you watch it back and you’re not with Real Madrid, then you think it’s ruthless and brutal. You don’t think ‘Wow, good challenge’. It was ruthless.”

Jurgen Klopp

Klopp has spoken out about Ramos’ actions against Liverpool in the Champions League final

These words will be music to the ears of Liverpool fans, as they will be overjoyed to hear their manager back up the claims they were making during and after the match.

A large majority of Reds fans were outraged with Ramos’ actions on both Salah and Karius, something that Klopp clearly feels the same about.

Although Liverpool ended up losing the mach 3-1, some fans will surely claim that they would’ve had a much better chance of winning had Ramos not done what he did.

We’re sure that, should Liverpool and Real end up crossing paths later down the line this season, both Klopp and Salah will be very eager to get their revenge on Ramos and Co after last season’s Champions League final.

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