The growth of Canadian Soccer and its impacts

While Soccer has been one of the most loved sports in Europe and South America for centuries, Canada had mainly focused on more home-grown sports, such as Hockey and Football. However, in recent years there has been a change and Soccer in Canada has seen a huge rise in popularity.

It now estimated that there are now over 200,000 more children playing Soccer opposed to Hockey and the viewing figures of the MLS are now rivalling those of the CFL, which marks a huge shift in the country’s sporting culture.

Soccer Successes | Why The Love For The Game Has Increased

The popularity of the sport has increased continuously for quite some time, but in the last few years, this interest has grown much faster. There are a series of reasons that may explain why the game has begun to flourish in Canada more recently.

The main reason might be the improving quality of soccer in Canada, both on the international and domestic stage.

The Canadian Women’s Soccer team has long been competing at the highest levels and are considered one of the best in the world. Their woman’s national team won bronze at the Olympics and reaching the quarter-finals of Women World Cup in 2015, which they hosted. While their home male squad has always been average, the female squad has excelled, inspiring a new wave of Canadian Soccer fans interested in the woman’s game. This has coincided with a time where there is already a growing interest in women’s soccer worldwide. The successes of Canada Women’s team happening at the same time as the interest in the women’s game as a whole has led to Canada becoming more recognized as a soccer nation.

The Toronto Male Soccer team have also begun to make waves on the domestic circuit too, becoming only the third Canadian team ever to reach the MLS CCL final last season, the most prestigious award in North American Soccer. Toronto’s impressive cup run led to a surge in the popularity of Canada Male Soccer too and fuelled the fire.

In response to the growing popularity of soccer in the country, the Canadian Soccer Association is all set to launch a new Canadian Premier League in April 2019. This is hoped to further increase both the popularity and the quality of the Canadian game and marks a landmark for Canada Soccer and its progression on to the mainstream scene.

With the announcement coming as well that the World Cup 2026 will now be partly held in Canada, soccer spirit in the country over the next few years will hit fever pitch as the country comes together for the arrival of the biggest event in the soccer calendar.

Canada and Soccer | Worldwide Investment

Naturally, this popularity has not gone unnoticed by businesses, who are now seeing a prime opportunity to get involved with the game.

The gambling industry for one will be looking to the Canada league for new opportunities. Especially as all this is occurring at a time with betting laws are likely to be altered in the upcoming week and months, with many expecting Canada to follow the US’s lead and permit single-game-sports betting.

More and more new Canada casinos and sports betting services are popping up already, which give players the chance to get further involved in soccer games.

Plus, with the arrival of the World Cup, this alone will generate mass revenue for the country and attract huge interest from potential investors. The new Canada Premier League have already formed a newly established Canadian Soccer Business in preparation for the impact of the growing interest from companies and to ensure that the corporate side of Canada will run smoothly both domestically and internationally.

Overall, the expansion of Canadian Soccer looks like a concept that it is not only going to be very popular but very lucrative too.