Dybala for Pogba, a Chance for a Possible Swap?

It appears that Manchester United is keen to splash the cash for another record-breaking signing from Juventus. Only this time, the target is one of the best South American players, Paulo Dybala.

According to, the Red Devils want for this transfer to go through already in January, as they do not want to wait and waste time until the end of the season. The situation at Old Trafford is very alarming, and something has to be changed radically. It is why Jose Mourinho believes that the Argentinian would be an ideal solution, which might improve the overall performance of his team. Reportedly the deal will be worth almost €120 million.

For quite some time, both fans and the board are not pleased with the results of the most successful club in the history of the Premier League, and for the first time since he sat on the bench, Mourinho’s position is a bit shaky.

Sanchez Failed to Improve United’s Offense

The game against Tottenham Hotspurs has shown all the weaknesses of this team, and among them are pale and ineffective displays up front. Both Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez are not playing at the top level, and it appears that the Chilean international totally failed to meet the expectations of the public since he signed.

The chemistry on the pitch between him and all the other players is still not good, which is why United struggles. Just to remind you, Sanchez came from Arsenal as the key piece of the puzzle put together by Mourinho. Just a few months later, he is one of the persons who is blamed by the fans for poor results.

His 42 lost balls in the second game of the matchup against Sevilla in the round of 16 of the last year’s Champions League, were one of the biggest reasons why his team got eliminated.

The fans didn’t forget that, and neither did his manager.

Dybala is expected to bring much-needed creativity to the attack. The Argentinian is known for his fantastic solutions when he is in the box, and often they alone are the main cause of Juventus’ wins.

Over the past several years, he was linked to many clubs, and often Barcelona was the first name that came up when talking about his transfer. But after this year’s World Cup in Russia, when we saw some bad blood between him and Lionel Messi, it seems that this option is gone for good.

According to some sources, Messi didn’t want Dybala next to him in the starting lineup, as he claimed that the two of them couldn’t cooperate well since they have a similar style of play.

A lot of negative publicity was created around the Argentinian national team precisely because of this comment, and that was one of the few reasons for the early exit of Maradona’s countrymen from the World Cup.

Juventus Wants More Stars

Now, it all comes down to Juve, who has the keys for such a blockbusting transfer. The Old Lady is desperate to bring the UEFA Champions League trophy to Turin, and they are doing everything in order to achieve that. At the moment, according to several of the best football betting sites in the world, they are the third favorite for winning this competition behind Manchester City and Barcelona. They already reached the final twice in the previous several years, and the next step is to go all the way. It is why their board made some spectacular moves, like signing Real Madrid’s duo Ronaldo – Zidane. And it seems that they are not going to stop on that.

After landing Cristiano, Juve was eager to bring back Paul Pogba, who couldn’t develop his full potential under the leadership of Jose Mourinho. The French international wants to come back to Italy, and there were even some contacts between the two clubs, but they couldn’t realize that transfer this summer. The Italian champions already spent more than $181 million for Ronaldo and Pogba stayed out of reach at that time.

But at this moment, it looks like the situation has changed and that we have all the pieces in place for that deal. Some of the media are saying that Juve pulled out extra resources to sign the French midfielder in January.

If the Dybala transfer goes through, that would be even more realistic, and it is not excluded that the two clubs make some kind of swap.

The Marcelo Enigma

As you all know, Juventus wants to buy one more superstar this winter, and that is Real Madrid’s left-back Marcelo, who is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best friends. The player himself denied any intention to move to Turin in his interview just a couple of days ago, but still, the rumors are not calming down. Real Madrid is in the process of reconstruction, and they have a new coach, who might be willing to give a chance to younger players from the youth academy.

Marcelo also recently pleaded guilty for tax fraud and accepted a four-month jail sentence which was suspended, so he is not going to spend any time in prison.

Before his transfer to Turin, Ronaldo was in the same situation, and this only heats up the speculations about Marcelo.

Many players left Spain after they got caught in some illegal tax transactions, like one more Brazilian star, Neymar who left Barcelona and headed for Paris to join PSG. Many media were guessing that, in fact, problems with the law were Neymar’s biggest reason to leave Camp Nou, and not some disagreements with his teammates, or his position in the team, which was behind Lionel Messi.

All in all, these next several weeks are going to be very interesting because we might witness some huge changes in the European football.

If these deals are confirmed, they will shift the balance of power, and we will have one more super team in the Champions League, who is able to win this competition.

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