What are the Prospects of English Clubs in the Champions League?

The Champions League is approaching, and many fans can’t wait for this competition to start. And how could they? After all, UCL is the best club competition in the whole world, with both the best clubs and the best players in the world.

This season looks promising. It is expected to be one of the best in the last couple of years. Many clubs are targeting the trophy, and unlike in those previous campaigns, we have several teams who are contenders for winning the whole competition. Usually, we had two or three sides who were favourites before the UCL started, but now, things have changed slightly.

With so many high-calibre teams with enormous potential, even the experts are divided when it comes to their prognosis, which is a strong indicator of the fantastic drama ahead of us.

The Spanish Domination

We here are interested in the prospects of the English clubs. To be exact, we are about to present to you what are the chances for an English team to win the trophy.

Since 1993 and the first edition of the Champions League, 4 teams from England have been crowned the champions. Manchester United won it twice (’99 and ’08), Liverpool (’05) and Chelsea (’12). When comparing the strength of the domestic championship and those results, a disbalance between the two is obvious. EPL is probably the best national football competition in the world, but somehow, the English clubs aren’t winning the European trophies.

Some football experts say that it is precisely because Premiership representatives have more exhausting games back home than participants from other countries, where you have a big gap in quality between the top teams and the rest of the league. And to be honest, facing Huesca away from home is a completely different story than say facing Crystal Palace at home.

Still, it is very strange that from the last six champions, we haven’t had at least one from the island. At the moment, we are witnessing a Spanish domination, because the previous 5 winners were from that country.

From year to year, despite English clubs spending enormous sums of money, their results in Europe do not reflect the same.

Four Clubs, One Desire

So we are coming to the essential question which bothers many fans. What are the chances for some of our boys to win the most prestigious trophy on the continent this season?

First of all, we need to say that England has 4 representatives in the UCL for the upcoming campaign. Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, and Tottenham.

We’ll now try to analyse each team, in order to have a clear picture of the whole situation.

The Citizens led by Pep Guardiola, who knows how to win this competition, are at the moment the favourite to grab the trophy. Most of the bookmakers and media are placing Man City at the top spot of the list because of their domination during the last season. However, back then, they stumbled upon a fantastic Liverpool, who was at the time simply unstoppable. But we do need to say, that City’s only performances in which they failed to be on their usual level, were in fact, the ones against the Reds. That is why bookmakers across the world believe that there wouldn’t be such situations this season. The Spaniard won this competition twice, and he doesn’t make the same mistakes repeatedly, and they know that.

According to sources from, Liverpool is the seventh favourite to win the title. But when looking at only the English teams, the Reds are right behind City. There is no doubt that Klopp strengthened his team when compared to the last season, and that he has a much longer bench filled with more talent. After two lost European finals, the board and the fans are expecting one success, which would finally bring back Liverpool to the place where they truly deserve to be, and that is on top of the football galaxy.

Tottenham is two places behind the club from Anfield when looking at the overall list of the favourites. The Spurs haven’t changed a thing in their squad, which could prove advantageous since they already have several word-class players, the entire team have excellent chemistry on the field, and most importantly, they have “winning” experience. That was the essential problem of these boys, the lack of experience at the highest levels of European matches. But now, things are a bit different, because many of them had the chance to participate at the World Cup knock-out stage and the Champions League for a couple of seasons. All this will create a much-needed routine, which is necessary in some cases.

Surprisingly or not, Manchester United is one place behind the Spurs, as the 10th overall favourite for the trophy. The Red Devils are far away from their glory days, as they struggle against much cheaper and weaker teams than themselves. Jose Mourinho is under huge pressure, and we will see how he handles that in the future. But United can’t be underestimated since they have fantastic individuals who can explode at any moment, and turn the season into their favour. And don’t forget, Mourinho already has two Champions League trophies under his belt.

Can one English Club Win the Trophy

Many sportsbooks are offering the outright bet for the nationality of the UCL winner. At the moment, England is at the No.1 spot, but with a minimal advantage over Spain who is placed second. Italy is third, France is fourth, while Germany sits in the fifth place, which is very interesting.

Just to remind you, the Champions League madness starts this Tuesday. On that day, Tottenham will travel to Milan to face Inter, while Liverpool awaits PSG in the derby of the round.