Video: Sky Sports reporter apologises after hilariously cringe mistake in interview with Alexandre Lacazette

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Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette was rightly left baffled by Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves at the weekend, and he has now apologised for his mistake.

As seen in the video below, Shreeves mistakenly thought that the Frenchman had provided an X-rated response when discussing Petr Cech and the fact that the Gunners had kept a clean sheet in their 2-0 win over Everton on Sunday.

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Obviously, Lacazette didn’t say anything inappropriate and it was merely his choice of words that perhaps made Shreeves think that he had said something else, with the transcript below of the exchange.

“A big thanks to Petr Cech because he took a lot of balls today and we won our first clean sheet,” said Lacazette.

To which Shreeves replied: “Steady with the language. I know English isn’t your first. Be careful with the language.”

While in the tweet below it’s suggested that Shreeves perhaps thought Lacazette had said something else instead of clean sheet, it’s arguably fair to suggest that he was possibly referring to the earlier part of the answer where the French striker was simply trying to say that his teammate made plenty of saves.

Either way, it’s a complete mess from Shreeves and to his credit he has come out and held his hands up to his mistake. Albeit it doesn’t really come across as an outright apology, he’s still come out and addressed it but left himself rather red-faced over the whole matter.

We’re sure Lacazette has probably moved on from it already…

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