Juventus release emphatic statement in defence of Cristiano Ronaldo amid rape allegations

Juventus have released an emphatic statement in defence of their star player and summer signing Cristiano Ronaldo amid allegations of rape by model Kathryn Mayorga.

Der Spiegel have recently reported on Mayorga claiming Ronaldo raped her in 2009, which the Portugal international has since come out and denied strongly on Twitter.

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Juve have now responded to the story as well, and their message is a curious one, which suggests they’re defending Ronaldo’s character regardless of whether or not this story amounts to anything more or not.

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo defended by Juventus

The Independent are among the outlets reporting the incident is set to be investigated by police, so it may well be that more concrete evidence could still come out of this story.

Juventus, however, have issued a two-tweet official statement in praise of Ronaldo’s professionalism, and seemed to play down any reason to change that view based on something that happened such a long time ago.

While it may be hard to know the precise meaning behind these messages, it isn’t a great look by the Serie A giants if they do end up defending someone convicted of such a serious crime, if that does end up happening.

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