Is the art of tackling at risk? Former Man Utd ace raises fears, passionate defence of key part of game

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It’s a talking point that came back into the spotlight over the international break, now ex-Man Utd defender Wes Brown has had his say on tackling in football.

There is absolutely no doubt that in recent times tackling has almost become an extinct art given the way in which the game is now officiated.

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Even if the ball is fairly won, it seems referees are now all too quick to blow their whistles and protect the attacker with defenders instead forced to stay on their feet and perhaps think too cautiously instead of listening to their instincts.

A prime example of a solid, fair challenge being penalised was seen in the game between England and Spain earlier this month, with Eric Dier booked for his challenge on Sergio Ramos, as seen in the video below.

Instead of celebrating the fact that the England midfielder put in a crunching tackle, and importantly won the ball, the conversation centred around his booking and how the game’s gone.

Speaking on the topic, Brown has raised his concerns that the art of tackling is perhaps under threat and that the game has certainly changed from how it was when he was playing.

The former Man Utd star was speaking as part of 888sport’s #ATennerSays promo which has raised some fascinating points and brought together Brown and Dennis Wise for a lively debate ahead of Chelsea’s clash with United at the weekend.

This debate doesn’t centre around unfair challenges and dangerous fouls that risk injury to attackers. It’s about not penalising good, hard tackles where the ball is won and the intent is to simply get back possession. With that in mind, Brown’s spot on and it really does raise concern over the direction in which the game is heading as we could be seeing less and less in the years to come…

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