The Importance of Fitness in Sports

Health and fitness are an intrinsic part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness is not only important for success in sports, but also for living a high quality of life. A physically fit person would have a strong heart, muscles and brain, all of which will help him or her to exercise and improve the chances of living a long and healthier life.

Both indoor and outdoor sports are an important recreational activity for your mind and body. Playing sports helps in muscle development, coordination and it even helps in warding off chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression and obesity. Indoor sports like chess helps in improving concentration, strategic planning and analytical skills.

Playing sports is not only beneficial for kids, but also for elderly people. By playing sports children develop healthy bones, become good team members and improve self-esteem. Being physically active from childhood makes it more likely to continue sports as an adult that promotes lifetime health. Among women, sports help in the prevention of osteoporosis and hip fractures.

Elder citizens who have been playing sports regularly are have the opportunities to keep their bodies moving, feel confident about them and socialize in a better way. A minimum 30 minutes of physical activity everyday can help you in improving your health and reducing the chances of developing diseases like type II diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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Playing sports helps an individual in muscle development and reducing fat because of the physical activity involved. As each individual is unique, the best way to optimize the training is by keeping a training journal and keep attention as to how you feel. It is not only the body that is benefitted from playing sports.

It also helps in improving your mental health, helps in preventing depression and increases your self-esteem. Some sports are associated with certain health benefits. Bowling helps in achieving greater bone density as it involves frequent lifting.

People who play sports like volleyball are benefitted from increased hand-eye coordination and flexibility. Your body sends subtle cues as to how it is responding to stress. The more in tune you can be with the cues, the better you will optimize with training and become the best version of yourself.

1) Prioritize sleep: Sleep is the only time when your body regenerates itself, helps in muscle strengthening and restocking the red blood cells. Improper sleeping habits can cause weight gain and affect the hormone production that results into belly fat.

2) Plyometric exercise: Plyometric exercises are bodyweight exercises that do not require lifting of weight or any equipment. It includes a powerful jump that activates the muscles for a short period of time. This exercise helps in increasing muscle speed over the time. Doing 3 sets of 3-5 reps twice a week can prevent injuries and increases gluten strength.

  1. a) Frog jump: In this form of plyo, squat down and touch the floor with both hands by keeping the hands straight. Then take a jump by raising the knees as high they can go. Once you land on the floor, take another jump. Repeat this set for a minute.
  2. b) Bodyweight split jump: In this form of plyo, put your hands behind your head and take the right leg forward. Then slowly lower the body and jump with force to push both the feet off the floor. Then, land with your left foot forward. Continue this set by alternating your legs back and forth for at least a minute.


Nutrition helps in improving the athletic performance. Eating a balanced diet helps in providing the energy you need to finish any activity. A person is likely to feel tired when he or she does not get proper amount of carbohydrates, protein and water. The best way to keep your appetite satisfied is by providing your body with right nutrients by following a routine. Never skip meals as it may cause hunger and lead to overeating.

  1. a) Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are required as they provide you with energy while exercising.They are mostly stored in muscles and liver. .
  • Complex carbohydrates are present in foods like pasta, whole grain breads and rice. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Simple sugars like jams, jellies and soft drinks include a lot of calories but do not provide vitamins and minerals.

It is very important to consume some amount of carbohydrates each day. A little more than half of calories should come from carbohydrates.

  1. b) Protein: Proteins are important forgrowth of your muscles and repairing your body tissues.An adequate protein intake is important for performing various functions in the body. They play an important role in building blocks of bones, muscles and cartilages.

Athletes need only a little amount of extra protein to support muscle growth. They can meet the increased need by eating more calories.

  1. c) Water and other fluids: Water and other fluids are important to keep the body hydrated. The human body can lose several liters of sweat while exercising. Therefore, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluid with every meal.

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