Video: Pitch invader at Old Trafford shows off impressive skill to evade stewards, Ronaldo tells stewards “It’s okay, it’s okay” on United invaders

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Manchester United’s mammoth Champions League clash against Juventus provided fans with enough fun and thrills for a lifetime, pitch invaders stormed the pitch on two separate occasions.

The first pitch invader made his way onto the pitch only three minutes into the match-up and his heroics were rewarded with a handshake from superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Check that out here.

At the end of the match pitch invaders once again stole the spotlight, although Ronaldo seemed more frustrated on this occasion.

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Check out the video of the pitch invader’s impressive skills below: 

With stewards being quite forceful with the invaders, Ronaldo was seen repeatedly telling the stewards “It’s okay, It’s okay” in an attempt to prevent things from escalating.

Here is a closer look at Ronaldo trying to diffuse the situation:

There was certainly a lot to say on the various off-field antis regarding United, which is a reflection of just how bad things have been on the pitch so far this season.

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