Social Media Football Champions Revealed

Some fans who love to boast that their club is bigger & better than their rivals could be in for a reality check.  Thanks to Twitter, Instagram & Facebook we can clearly see how clubs rank in terms of sheer popularity – and now, live league tables are keeping track of each club’s combined social followers.

So, who wins the social battles between United & Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea, Rangers & Celtic? Alternative follower league tables from reveal all.

Looking at the Premier League real-time social media following table, it’s Manchester United who are champions with almost 116 million social followers and counting – in contrast to their current Premier League table position.  Local rivals Manchester City are in 5th with more than 51 million followers across the 3 platforms and the impact of Leicester City’s recent Premier League title success has helped them to amass over 10 million followers, almost twice that of Everton who sit in 8th place with 5.5 million followers.

In the Scottish Premiership, as usual, it’s a battle of the Old Firm with Rangers (1.3 million) in second behind Celtic (2.7 million) who have been the dominant club since the dawn of the social media.

From a Worldwide perspective, it’s the big guns from LaLiga who lead the way. Real Madrid (over 205 million) and Barcelona (193 million) push United into third in the world, while Chelsea sit in fourth above Bayern Munich. Liverpool (53 million followers) are in 9th place globally, above Man City but below Juventus & PSG.  Tottenham (16 million followers) are one of 6 Premier League clubs that make the world top 20 most followed clubs.