What Hobbies do Top Celebrity Athletes Enjoy?

Celebrities are people too, right? Strange as it may sound, the celebs who are plastered over the front covers of sports illustrated magazines, and hog the limelight on our TVs and sports channels are just as interested in everyday activities as the rest of their devout fans and followers.

What’s particularly interesting about the well-heeled, Hollywood A-listers, stellar athletes are that they engage in fun and games just like the rest of us. They are fans of football, lotteries, movies, theatre and dance, bizarre hobbies and what not. Plus, they love to put their skills and talents to the test whenever possible.

Believe it or not, some of the most popular celebrities in the world have some of the weirdest hobbies and interests. Take Britney Spears for example – she has always been fascinated with collecting dolls, particularly antique dolls. That’s not too dissimilar to another Hollywood heavyweight Johnny Depp. He has an even weirder fascination with Barbie Dolls. His penchant for collecting the glamorous blonde haired, blue eyed Barbie dolls is well known to his friends and followers.

On the topic of athletic celebrities, perhaps David Copperfield’s ex-wife and superstar model, Claudia Schiffer’ hobbies and interests are a little on the strange side. She has gone somewhat Buffalo Bill a.k.a. Silence of The Lambsstyle eccentric with her own collection of mounted insects on her walls. Her insect pictures are reportedly a little on the creepy side, particularly the pinups that this pinup Princess has chosen for artwork.

Another blonde bombshell, the Glam Queen herself, Paris Hilton is anything but a prissy princess when it comes to her hobby. She loves frog hunting and releasing these slimy amphibians after she has caught them. This may not come as a surprise to her devotees, but it certainly paints an entirely different picture of this exquisite socialite.

True Athletes Perform on the Field, Not the Runway

But a true athlete is not merely somebody who burns up calories on the runway, or the stage, or performing death-defying stunts in Pirates of the Caribbean. Football legends like David Beckham are no stranger to fanciful hobbies. This athletic superstar has taken to fencing as a new fun-filled hobby. All for one, and one for all? Time will tell whether Beckham ever becomes one of the Musketeers.

There’s one name that everyone knows: Cristiano Ronaldo. Here is a footballer who, like Beckham, is larger than life. In fact, Ronaldo has won praise from all corners. He has a particular hobby which is quite strange for someone of his stature – he plays bingo. He was given a DVD bingo game for Christmas when he was just 22, and he described it as incredibly exciting. Just goes to show 22 – 2 little ducks in bingo– hit the right note with this striker.

On the field of play, Houston Rockets guard, Calvin Murphy was a legend. This NBA prodigy could make a basketball do pretty much anything at any time. Believe it or not, one of his hobbies was nothing other than Baton Twirlingback in the day. Apparently, he could go toe to toe with the best cheerleading squads in the business, so whether he was on the sidelines or on the field of play, he was always hard at work supporting his team!

Guys like Chad Johnson know a thing or two about full contact sports. Unfortunately, bull riding is not one of his skills. He attempted to take up this hobby, much to his dismay. It appears that the veritable 8 second rule was a little too much for him to bear, so he took his hopes and dreams further afield. But there is one name that most everyone knows on the field – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. After a glittering decade’s long career with the NBA, this basketball sensation decided to turn his talents to Oriental rug collecting. The Chicago Business site posted pictures of this basketball legend’s oriental rug collection. Now 70 +, Jabbar been selling his rugs and doing spectacularly well in the process. has

From Football to MMA – These Athletes Have Crazy Hobbies

Football legend, Ronaldinho is the pride and joy of Brazil. Like so many other Brazilians, song and dance is in his blood. His passion is performance, and his performances take many surprising twists and turns. Not only is he a devout rocker when it comes to karaoke, he’s apparently well worth listening to. This hobby of his may elicit ‘Ooh’s and Ahh’s’from adoring fans, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s his vocal cords or his larger than life persona that they’re cheering on.

Hard-hitting action is never too far away from Herschel Walker. As a Heisman Trophy winner, Walker knows enough about blistering competition and fierce rivalry. What isn’t as well known is that Walker used to do ballet to help him train for his football career. It’s important to note that he is not alone in this. Another legendary athlete – the martial artist turned Hollywood celebrity Jean-Claude Van Damme also performed ballet for many years. Van Damme was the European karate champion – a massive achievement in the sporting world.

Herschel Walker – the legendary running back – wasn’t only light on his toes with his ballet prowess, he also took up MMA and won a massive fight at the age of 47. He went on to win other fights, proving just how versatile this star athlete really is.

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