Video: “Officially lost the plot” – Patrice Evra’s ridiculous antics involving raw chicken causes these fans to question his sanity

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Patrice Evra seems to have a gone off the rails somewhat if his recent antics involving raw chicken are anything to go by.

The Frenchman, who has played for Manchester United and Marseille during his career, posted a video of himself to his Instagram which depicts him kissing, sucking and slapping a raw chicken.

Now, we know that footballers might get a bit bored once their playing careers start to wind down, but we certainly didn’t think they’d resort to doing stuff like this in their spare time!

Evra’s antics are beyond ridiculous, a view that is shared by a whole host of football fans, who took to Twitter this evening to question the Frenchman’s actions involving the chicken.

Let’s just say, some of them weren’t best pleased…

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