What Lionel Messi said in response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s challenge of joining him in Italy

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Lionel Messi has responded to Cristiano Ronaldo after his long-time rival encouraged him to join him in Italy and start a new challenge.

As noted by Sky Sports, the Portuguese superstar revealed earlier this month that he wanted Messi to follow him to Italy while aiming a subtle dig in that while he’s been busy winning things around Europe’s major leagues, the Argentine icon has been with Barcelona the whole time.

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It was a fair and honest opinion in truth while Ronaldo also remained respectful as well as being slightly cheeky when making his point by suggesting that perhaps Messi ‘needs him’ more.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t appear as though the Barcelona ace is in a hurry to test himself anywhere other than with the Catalan giants, as he has now responded to that challenge and has seemingly turned it down.

“I don’t need any change, I’m with the best team in the world, my challenges are renewed year after year, I don’t need to change teams or League to set new goals, I’m at home, in the best club in the world and I do not need to change,” he is quoted as saying by Sport.

“The period we played together in the same league and tried to win was very great, Cristiano was a great player for La Liga and Madrid and those duels were very nice, but I stay the same, this is my team and it’s about winning here, whether he’s there or not.”

Time will tell if that situation changes, as few would have predicted that Ronaldo would actually leave Real Madrid at this stage of his career given how much success they enjoyed together.

Nevertheless, his move to Juventus looks set to be fruitful, but given what he means to the club and vice versa, it would be a major shock to see Messi in another jersey in Europe especially as the two parties continue to win major honours and set big objectives.

With that in mind, the two iconic figures will potentially have to reserve any future battles to the Champions League if Barcelona and Juventus cross paths with Ronaldo set to be left disappointed after issuing his invitation.

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