Top 10 clubs in the world based on social media followers: Manchester United 3rd, Arsenal above Liverpool, Man City surprisingly high on list

3rd – Manchester United – 137M 

Given the fact that they’re the most successful club England have ever had, it’s not a surprise to see Man United so high up on this list.

Following their numerous Premier League and Champions League title wins over the years, United have manage to establish themselves as one of the world’s most supported clubs, something that’s backed up by their very high place on this list.

The Red Devils have a whopping 47 million more followers than 4th-placed Chelsea, something that we presume is down to the club’s huge amount of success in the past 20-30 years.

Despite having such a high following, United still have a long way to go if they are to break into the top two clubs with the highest online following, and given the two sides that occupy the top two spots, we think they may be waiting quite a while for that to happen…

2nd – Barcelona – 240M

Just missing out on top spot on this list is Spanish giants Barcelona, a team we’re not simply not surprised at all to see claim such a high spot on this list.

The Blaugrana have managed to clock up such a high number of followers through their vast amount of success over the years, as well as the club having some of the best players ever to have played for them.

Fans react to Barcelona squad for valencia clash

Barcelona’s success would’ve played a big part in them amassing such a huge online presence

Having stars like Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and Neymar all play for Barca over the years certainly won’t have done their hopes of gaining a huge online following any harm.

And we’re sure the club are only going to get more popular as time goes on, especially if they carry on winning trophies like they have been doing in recent years…

1st – Real Madrid – 242.9M

Sitting atop of our list is, unsurprisingly, Real Madrid, a club who’ve been at the very top of the football food chain for as long as we can remember.

Los Blancos are one of the most supported teams on Earth, and we’d’ve been very shocked to see them at any place other than first on this list given how big they are.

The Spanish giants’ 13 European Cup wins, as well as 33 La Liga titles, would’ve, of coursed, played a massive part in them being able to obtain such a large online following.

Real Madrid Flag - President says Mourinho will return

Real’s dominance in Spain and Europe over the years has played a big part in them amassing such a following

And if they keep on winning Champions League like they have done in recent times, we can only see them extending their lead over Barcelona as the club with the biggest online following.

A full version of this list can be found below, with all the stats regarding how many followers each club has for each side being included as well.

most followed clubs list

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