Apprentice star Leah Totton faces backlash after offering free surgery to Everton fan slashed in Millwall clash

An Everton fan slashed across his face during ugly scenes with Millwall fans at the weekend has been offered free surgery to help heal his wound.

While of course it’s never nice to see such unsavoury scenes and injuries sustained as a result, Apprentice winner Leah Totton has received a backlash after taking to Twitter to offer free treatment to the fan in question.

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As seen in the responses below, it hasn’t gone down particularly well with most, as they’ve pointed to the fact that she should perhaps be offering free treatment to others more in need in more innocent circumstances.

Now it’s not entirely clear that the fan was prominently involved in the ugly clashes at the weekend, with some supporting Totton’s idea and to be fair to her, it is a nice gesture. Regardless, the responses below would suggest that the Apprentice winner may well start to regret her offer, along with her PR team, as her resources could be better spent elsewhere.

Based on his interview with the Sun, he hasn’t done a great deal to distance himself from being involved in the violent clashes.

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