Video: Laurent Koscielny heads home to bring Arsenal level against Manchester City

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Arsenal have got themselves back on level terms against Manchester City just ten minutes after they were caught sleeping less than a minute into the game.

Koscielny headed the ball into the back of the net after a corner in the 11th minute. The Frenchman perfectly took advantage of a disastrous mismatch, Pep Guardiola will need to rethink the way his team set out to defend corners.

Wing wizard Raheem Sterling was tasked with marking Koscielny but the England international allowed the Frenchman to get by without any contest at all, Koscielny was left completely free and he headed into the back of the net.

Arsenal will be hoping to exploit City on set pieces for the rest of the game now, far lesser teams than Arsenal have won a game solely on set pieces.

Check out the goal below: