Agent SLAMS Cardiff City over Emiliano Sala, DEFENDS himself from criticism

Football agent Willie McKay has hit out at Cardiff City over ‘abandoning’ Emiliano Sala prior to his £15m transfer from Nantes.

The Argentine tragically died in January after the plane he was travelling in along with pilot David Ibbotson crashed in the English channel.

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His body was later recovered and a funeral was held in his hometown, as family and friends paid respects and tributes after such a heartbreaking incident.

The search for Ibbotson is set to continue, but after receiving a significant backlash himself in the aftermath of the tragedy, McKay has now spoken to the BBC about the situation leading up to Sala’s travel arrangements, as seen in the video below.

It’s important to note that he stresses that he doesn’t blame anyone for the tragic loss of life, but evidently he has tried to avoid being made the scapegoat in this situation, along with his son Mark who defended his role in the deal too in an emotional interview.

Further, it’s crucially added in the report that Cardiff have rejected those claims from McKay and insisted they offered a commercial flight which was declined in what is turning out to be an unfortunate sub-story in this tragedy.

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