Married England footballer fathers secret lovechild after a scandalous affair with mistress

An England footballer cheated on his wife and fathered a child with his mistress, with senior officials at the player’s club aware of the situation.

The man in question has been frantically trying to keep a lid on his identity, denying the fact that he is the young boy’s father to several people from his close circle – as The Sun reports.

After learning that his mistress was pregnant, the footballer was forced to tell his wife about his infidelity and although she was devasted by the news, she has not kicked him out of their marital home.

The star and his lover have already reached a financial deal in terms of child support and the woman has already put those funds to good use, selling her business and moving into a luxury new home with the newborn baby.

Wembley Stadium

The footballer has earned full international caps with England

According to The Sun, a friend of the mistress has revealed that the pregnancy was very much unplanned, as they stated: “She always wanted kids, and was thrilled to fall pregnant, although that wasn’t the plan when she hooked up with the footballer.

“She understands the footballer isn’t about to leave his family and set up home with her.

“They are both grown-ups and have reached a deal to keep them both happy.”

The unnamed England international has played for several clubs and was already a father to another child, both factors which may have influenced his decision to keep the matter secret.

Meanwhile, the Lover’s mother and close family are reportedly angry that the player has not taken full responsibility for his actions, as details of the scandalous affair begin to circulate in dressing rooms across the country.

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