A Huge Achievement For Indonesian Football

When we step back and take a look at the development of football over the years, there has been an incredible number of highs and lows that we just can’t overlook. From last year’s World Cup to European tournaments, there’s plenty for us to sink our teeth into. However, behind all of the glitz and glam of the national teams, British Premier League and players that have become celebrities in their time, there are smaller leagues all operating worldwide, showcasing some incredible matches for their audiences. Here, we’re taking a look at the world of Indonesian football and how a recent signing with the La Liga is set to shape the future of this league.

The Rise Indonesian Football

As with any league, there are always players pegged as ‘rising stars’ and the Indonesian variant of the game is no exception. With the likes of defender Agung Setyabudi and Ahmad Amiruddin showing their skill on the pitch, there is certainly no denying that Indonesia have their fair share of promising players. Not only does the country have a national team, but they also have an additional league which is essentially the Indonesia’s very own league.

In 2017, this was pegged Liga 1 (or Go-Jek Liga 1 currently due to sponsorship) and now sees 18 different clubs competing against one another for the top spot in the league. Not too dissimilar to the UK, Spain, France or Germany, this has become the main focus for teams looking to be promoted through leagues and avoid relegation.

Battling With The Best

With the competition hotting up, there have been a series of champions over the years, with the most recent winners, Persija, taking home the trophy in 2018. These defending champions are looking to make the most out of the pre-season transfer window that has just opened before the closing date on the 9th of May, in order to hold on to their title and create a stronger side. This will then mark the beginning of the 2019 season with the mid-season transfer window opening in 19th August to the 16th September.

Latest Transfers

As we find ourselves well into the current transfer window, however, we are beginning to see a number of players making the switch between teams, helping them to strengthen their line up and create new opportunities. As Indonesians have a long history of betting on sports, this has become the perfect opportunity for players to get that much-needed publicity through transfer odds, or for fans to start following and betting on their favourite players.

As the transfer window has just begun, there are a number of recent transfers just beginning to emerge with players such as Markus Kabiay and Vava yagalo all making the switch to some of the up and coming clubs in the league, this is looking to be a good year for Indonesian football. As the transfer window continues there plenty more transfers to look out for that can help to make this season one of the best.

The La Liga Partnership

Over the past few months, there have been exciting developments beginning to present themselves, with the president of the La Liga signing a three-year deal with the Indonesian league to help promote and build upon the knowledge of the league as a whole. Although this league currently has just 18 teams, this partnership could see more and more teams opting to join the league with other more international games with top La Liga players. This deal also provides open communications around elements such as administration and venue security to make the games safe for audiences, as well as offering a large boost in marketing to help maintain and increase the awareness of upcoming games. La Liga is also working with the Indonesian football league to eradicate match-fixing, making the overall experience more interesting for both the football teams involved and the crowds that come to watch the games every year.

This La Liga and LIB partnership is beneficial to the expansion of football worldwide, as the LIB is the main market of football in South East Asia. By ensuring that football is played fairly as well as abiding by guidelines, this is the perfect opportunity to help develop both men and women’s football within Indonesia.

What’s Next?

The national success of the team has been very volatile; peaking at 87 in the FIFA world rankings in 2001, this young side are currently ranking at 163rd amongst other world teams such as Kuwait and Belize.

Although the future of Indonesian football remains uncertain, since the recent partnership with La Liga, there is a step in the right direction to ensuring a fair playing environment for both men and women within this league, ultimately helping football to flourish to its full potential in South-East Asia. As the transfer window on this brand new season continues, there is plenty to look forward to during the pre-season build-up. With the support of the La-Liga, there are a number of amazing opportunities suggesting that this could be the biggest season yet for this football league.