‘Embarrassing’ Mainz receive backlash over tweet following 6-0 Bayern Munich defeat

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The social media team at Bundesliga side Mainz have been slammed by many fans on Twitter following their tweet after the 6-0 defeat to Bayern Munich this weekend.

Bayern were in superb form to stroll to this league win over Mainz, whose full name, you may be aware, is FSV Mainz 05, referencing to their having been founded in 1905.

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People were hugely unimpressed, therefore, with Mainz trolling themselves by calling themselves Mainz 06 in a tweet in response to this heavy defeat to Bayern.

Much has been made of the way football clubs’ Twitter accounts are run now, with some often run by amateur comedians or hired from the same agency.

While this can make for some amusing banter between teams, it also shows a bit of a disconnect between those running the accounts and the fans who passionately care about their team.

This seems to have gone down particularly badly and may have been a step too far. How would you react if your club did something like this after being on the receiving end of a thrashing?