Chelsea star admits to being scared to leave the house

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Chelsea striker Gonzalo Higuain has admitted that being a footballer isn’t always as easy as it seems and that he has in fact felt afraid to leave the house at points in his career.

The Argentina international has had something of an up-and-down career, having generally scored at a prolific rate with most of the clubs he’s been with, whilst also being just outside that world class bracket for the most part.

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As a result, Higuain has become well known for a big miss in the World Cup final in 2014, when his Argentina side lost 1-0 to Germany.

The former Napoli and Real Madrid man had a great opportunity in the first half of that game when a misplaced back-pass by Germany let him in, only for him to drag his shot well wide from close range.

It’s little surprise that in this modern era of harsh criticism from fans on social media, Higuain has sometimes felt like hiding away in his home.

Higuain Chelsea goal
Gonzalo Higuain celebrates a goal for Chelsea

The 31-year-old also explained how hard it can be being away from family due to having to move around so much, leading to a slightly isolating experience.

“I always regret when I used to take refuge and avoid going out in fear of what people would say to me,” Higuain told ESPN.

“There are people who do so much damage to you without feeling any shame.

“We don’t kill anyone, we try to do things well, we only play a sport, but we can’t go out.”

“They always say ‘with the money they earn…’

“But friends can’t be bought. Fourteen years ago I spent birthdays and Christmases with different people and if I want to see my mum she has to fly for 15 hours.

“Of course, I can pay for her ticket but I can’t see her in ten minutes and people don’t see that.

“All people see is whether or not you score, because that’s what we’re paid for. That’s how they judge us.”

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