How to Spot a Legit Betting Website

There are numerous online casinos and sports betting sites out there. The choice is simply overwhelming, even for seasoned gamblers and bettors.

And, unfortunately, there are operators out there who don’t have your best interests at heart and act in unscrupulous ways.

When you’re searching for a betting site, making the right choice is absolutely crucial. In this article, we provide you with some invaluable tips and guidance to doing just that.

With that being said, on we go with five great tips for finding a legitimate betting site.

Casino Licence

This is one of the first things you ought to look for at any online casino and sports betting site. Any operator offering betting services is required by law to hold a relevant licence.

So, for UK players, look for a United Kingdom Gambling Commission licence at the betting site you are on. For players residing elsewhere, look for relevant licences which would cover your jurisdiction. Such licences include the Malta Gambling Authority licence and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission licence.

If you can’t find any licencing information on the site, you should run away. If the site doesn’t hold a relevant licence, it is not legally permitted to offer gambling services.

Reviews of the Betting Site

Casino and betting site reviews are great to read to discover everything you need to know about an operator. However, make sure you find a quality casino and betting review site.

Sites like fit the bill. This is a professional site which covers the online gambling industry and has a host of betting site reviews written with honesty.

If the betting site you are considering has generally positive reviews, at least on reputable review sites, you can be pretty certain that it is a trustworthy betting site.

On the other hand, if the betting site has a number of negative reviews, you should definitely think twice about registering there.

The Design of the Site

In the modern-day world, it is not difficult to design a site which performs well and looks professional.

Regardless of the industry, a site which isn’t functional is extremely off-putting and gives the impression of a lack of professionalism.

If the betting site is disorganised and is difficult to navigate and use, this is not a good sign. Pretty much every online casino or betting site worth it’s salt has a site which is modern and easy to navigate.

Can You Find the Support Section?

For any betting site a good support section is a necessity. Problems do happen on betting sites, and you want to be safe in the knowledge that there is a support team on hand to help you.

The support section should be easy to find. Generally, most online casinos offer the live chat option and many also offer email and phone support options too.

If there seems to be no sign of a support section and you cannot locate it, this is a big red flag. After all, if an operator has something to hide, they are going to make getting in contact with them as difficult as possible.

With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to finding a legitimate betting site. And take our word for it – there are plenty out there.