Disturbing scenes as 50 Tottenham fans are ‘battered’ by cops in Madrid ahead of Champions League final

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There were some disturbing scenes in Madrid last night, it’s understood that 50 Tottenham fans were assaulted by Spanish police ahead of the Champions League final.

Footage from Madrid shows Spanish police entering a city-centre bar and removing Tottenham fans from the area, one part of the video also shows a police officer using his baton to strike a fan on the leg, striking a fan on the leg with his baton.

Telegraph correspondent Tom Morgan spoke to fans who were involved in the incident:

Here’s a video clip of the aftermath of the incident:

One fan took to Twitter to voice his concern over the Spanish police’s handling of the situation:

The same user also squashed rumours that police were called as a result of supporters refusing to leave, the fan revealed that nothing was being thrown around in the bar in question:

We hope that no one was seriously injured in the incident, both Liverpool and Spurs fans have made the journey to support their teams and they deserve the right to enjoy tonight’s spectacle without fearing for their safety.