How to bet in play responsibly on your phone: a beginner’s guide

One thing that, for many people, has enhanced the beautiful game over the last few years is the boom in in-play betting. This form of real-time wagering has increasingly moved onto mobile devices and phones in recent years, which means those regularly attending games can now bet on the action in front of them as it unfolds.

Some readers may be new to in-play betting using a mobile phone so we have put together a brief beginner’s guide to help you get started:

What is in-play betting?

Firstly, let’s clear up any misunderstanding as to what in-play betting actually is. In a nutshell, in-play betting is placing wagers on certain scenarios in a sporting event once the action has already started. So for example, if a horse race is unfolding before your eyes, you will be able to bet on certain markets based on what has happened in the race so far. This is exactly the same for football, where markets can range from the next corner, next booking, next goal scorer to the half-time score, for example.

Getting started: open an account

The first step when getting started is to open an account with a bookmaker and download their mobile app. Don’t settle for the first one you come across; make sure you shop around in order to find the best deal. Gambling on football was worth £1.4bn to bookmakers as of 2017, so the marketplace is very competitive and operators will use a variety of methods to entice you.

Welcome offers and promotions

Each bookmaker and online casino will have welcome offers that provide either great value odds on certain events or even completely free bets. There are many different welcome offers on the market, such as no deposit mobile casinos providing you with free spins, bet £10 and get £30 in free bets, or a boost on your opening deposit up to a certain value. Shop around and make sure you use any promo codes available online in order to take full advantage.


Be in the know

In-play betting is fairly fast-paced so once you are set up on the app, it’s advisable to bet on a sport and team you know well to ensure your decisions are informed. Even if you think you’re already knowledgable, you should also be sure to study the form guide and player-specific stats, which will be particularly useful in helping you make in-play prop bets. Does a player have a tendency to lose their cool at inopportune moments? If tensions seem to be boiling over it may be worth backing them as the next player to receive a caution, for example.

Set yourself a budget

This is vital. Always have budget for what you can afford to lose so you can enjoy yourself without getting carried away. When you go to a football match, you already know the cost of the programme, the ticket and the food and drink you might buy, and this should be no different for in-play betting. If you reach your limit then stop and try again at the next match. This way you will always remain in control.