Will Online Casinos Continue to Become a Part of Football Finance?

The world of professional football has been revolutionised by online gambling, to the extent that there are now few matches in the sport where you cannot place a bet on the outcome of the contest. Aspects of football have even been broken down into minute elements of the game, where customers can punt on yellow cards or the number of corners.

It has become especially useful during live games on television, where online bookmakers can target audiences at home or watching the match at the pub with their in-game markets. The relationship between football and online gambling has become an extremely lucrative business, with companies posting astronomical financial figures.

The success of betting companies has also seen online casino companies move into the space, by using sports teams or the game itself to promote their brand. Whether it’s directly wading into the sponsorship market or designing casino games around the sport to entice fans of football on to their websites – there has been a rise the number of football-related games deployed by the companies to capitalise on a potential new audience.

There are now numerous casino sites that offer these types of games. By using a comparison website, users can find the best new casino sites that suit their tastes and highlight the best offers available on the market. As customers would search for the best odds available for football betting to ensure that they receive value for money, being equally as thorough when playing online casino games is just as important.

Using the hook of a sporting game is a huge advantage for these companies, while they are also able to build a platform to become part of the zeitgeist like online bookmakers. Betting companies have also become part of the culture of football, especially in the United Kingdom. For instance, in the 2018/19 season, six Premier League clubs were sponsored betting companies.

Becoming the official betting partner of a major club in the Premier League can be a huge bonus for a betting company, earning exposure to the millions of fans that have the opportunity to watch all 380 matches on television. There are few marketing opportunities that offer the diverse range of customers as the Premier League offers on a week-to-week basis.

It has a mutually beneficial partnership, as football clubs themselves are able to earn positive gains from the relationship. The popularity of betting and the use of online casinos has seen partnerships forged between companies and football clubs, who don the brand name of bookmakers or online casinos on their shirts, while also promoting them on their websites and social media pages.

In the 2018/19 season, two Premier League teams were sponsored by online casino gaming websites. It’s only 10% of the division, but there could be enough growth for a trickle-down effect for clubs outside of the English top flight or even abroad to capitalise on sponsorship deals. It might take time, but online casino games could become an entrenched part of football culture as betting due to the close ties between the two activities.