Euro2020 Is Approaching And We Have Our Gambling Picks Ready

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, or Euro 2020, is one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe. Highly anticipated, this event happens every four years and creates a unique opportunity for sports bettors who have a substantial interest in football. Euro 2016 opened new doors for betting on the tournament, with the number of markets available increasing to a staggering 90 pre-match markets. More money was wagered on Euro 2016 than the World Cup 2014, due to more home nations being involved, as well as more convenient game times. That trend is expected to continue in 2020.

What Is Euro 2020?

The 2020 European Championship will take place during a month-long period, from June 12 – July 12. This championship is the 60th anniversary of the event, and it will be held in twelve different European cities in twelve different countries. The defending champions, Portugal, will have to fight for their place as the circumstances have changed slightly from last year.

All 55 UEFA national teams, as well as the 12 national teams from the countries that are hosting Euro 2020 matches, will be required to compete for the 24 spots in the tournament. That means that the host cities, and even Portugal, might not make it into the tournament. The main qualifying stages started in March of 2019 and will go through November of 2019, with 20 of the 24 teams earning their spots at that time. The remaining four teams will be given a place in the tournament based on the UEFA Nations League Finals.

Currently, we are still in the qualifying stages of Euro 2020. Matchday One – Four have already been played, with a break in the action until September, and finishing in November, when the teams will officially be set.

Odds of Euro 2020 Matches

Football is one of the most popular spots to bet on, and all the major bookkeepers will be getting in on the action. However, because there are so many options, it will be difficult to accurately evaluate every aspect of the matches and give proper odds. Therefore, bookkeepers might not pay close attention to specific games, which might provide the astute football bettor a chance to place a bet with better odds.

Luckily, Euro 2020 odds and the offerings of bookkeepers will be similar to most of the usual betting markets, so football fans can capitalize on this to maximize profits. When betting on Euro 2020, football fans can wager on all sorts of things like football matches, title winner, props, and top four finishes. You will see the standard odd types are given in decimal adds and fractional odds. Football bettors can place money on things like Match Result, Asian Handicap, and Gotal Total Over/Under.

The betting is going to be open to people all around the world, and not just in Europe. For Canadians who are trying to find a way to get in on the betting action, Zamsino is now live in Canada and can help you place your wagers. Try Zamsino today.

Euro 2020 Betting

As you will find with most competitions, the matches at the beginning of the compeition will often offer better value because there is a more significant skill difference between teams. However, as the tournament progresses and the lower skilled teams get knocked out, the matches near the end of the tour and during elimination rounds are higher risk because the teams are more evenly matched.

Tournament Winner

One straightforward wager is on the tournament winner. Often, this bet is placed before the tournament even begins. Odds offered on this type of bet will often have high returns because it is incredibly challenging to guess correctly, and it can be unpredictable.

Group Winner Betting

You can also choose to wager on who will be the winner of a particular group. This bet is often placed before the tournament begins because that is when better odds are granted. As more matches are played, the odds diminish as the winner becomes more apparent.

Who Are Our Picks?

England was one of the favorites to start the qualifying matches, and the team continues to stay strong through four matchdays. Even though England fell to Croatia in the World Cup, it is expected that Harry Kane will give the Three Lions the necessary boost and strength to power their way through Group A against Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, and the Czech Republic.

Once a favorite, Portugal has started with two draws in their opening two games. Even with Christiano Ronaldo back on the team, the squad drew with Ukraine and Serbia and has now turned Qualifying Group B on its head. While Portugal is still expected to qualify, it might be more lucrative to bet on Serbia, who have already proven that they are a capable team.

For Qualifying Group C, Germany has become the clear favorite to win, so you won’t be able to get good odds on their qualifying chances. However, with the team now filled with young players who have speed and strength behind them, the Germany squad might be a good bet for the tournament winner.

Qualifying Group D is a challenging group, especially with Denmark scoring two late goals to draw against Switzerland. However, we would bet on Denmark winning this group.

In Qualifying Group E, we were surprised to see Croatia defeat Hungry. Even though Croatia had a stellar World Cup appearance, but ultimately lost to France in the final, they have struggled to regain their rhythm. However, we would bet on Wales in this group.

For Qualifying Group F, Spain is our gambling pick to make it through the rounds, even though they have lost some of their biggest names in recent years.

The teams in Qualifying Group G are not the strongest in the tournament, and the favorites Austria quickly lost their first two matches, which is why we would bet on Poland making it through.

World Cup champions, France, have opened with a bang in Qualifying Group H, and they are the clear favorites to qualify and have a strong chance of winning the entire tournament.

Qualifying Group I sees Belgium, Russia, and Scotland jostling for the top spot. Scotland was an early favorite but hasn’t performed as well so far. We would still bet on them though to pull it together and qualify through to Euro 2020.

The last group, J, sees Italy fighting for the top spot. They didn’t make it into the 2018 World Cups, so we expect they will be motivated to qualify as the group winner.