How Arsenal could save up to £45m and get a younger, more productive player by signing Zaha alternative

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Another day, another “Will Wilfried Zaha make the move to Arsenal” story. It continues to be the most drawn out transfer saga of this summer, and the longer it goes on it raises speculation that Arsenal will start to look elsewhere.

The Metro reported this morning that Zaha continues to refuse to rule out making the move to Arsenal but there is still no sign of a fee being agreed.

Former Gunner Jack Wilshere told The Express that he believes Scotland international Ryan Fraser would be an ideal signing for Arsenal, with a rumoured price tag of around £25m.

Remember that Sky Sports reported that Arsenal would likely have to spend over £70m to land Zaha.

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So considering Zaha would cost £45m more, you would think he would be involved in more goals in the Premier League last season? Think again, as the stats in this tweet from Football Faithful shows.

Arsenal already have players like Lacazette and Aubameyang to put the ball in the back of the net, so their real need lies in having someone to provide the chances rather than score more goals. This is backed up by Wilshere’s comments to The Express where he states:

“Ryan would be the ideal candidate to load the bullets for Aubameyang and Lacazette to fire up front. Imagine him and Ozil in the side. Imagine the number of chances they would create for the strikers.”

Both players have excelled in lower Premier League teams, however Zaha was a disappointment in his spell with Man United and Ryan Fraser is often outshone by James Forrest at international level, so both would need to prove they can perform at the highest level.

It’s hard to say that Arsenal are only Wilfried Zaha away from competing for the title again, so if they could save the money to spend on further signings and get a younger player who produced more last season, then it would make sense.

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