Video: Ryan Christie’s goal puts Celtic one step closer to Champions League qualification

Celtic started nervously despite having a 3-1 lead over Sarajevo going into the second leg at Celtic park this evening.

The Bosnian side went into the game knowing they had to score at least three times tonight, and thought they had the perfect start in the opening minute but their goal was disallowed for offside.

Celtic’s nerves have been calmed following Ryan Christie’s instinctive finish as he controlled a loose ball and clipped it into the top corner.

It still leaves Sarajevo needing 3 goals, however Celtic look much more comfortable since the goal and look likely to add a second.

Ryan Christie missed the end of last season following a horrific injury against Aberdeen, but impressed last week and this goal will build his confidence as he continues his comeback.

Ryan Christie Celtic face injury

Ryan Christie following his injury vs Aberdeen