Video: Singing Chelsea fan pushed off train for “being an a***hole” before his angry girlfriend yells at attacker

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A Chelsea fan riding the London tube was shoved off the train by one of the passengers at St. Paul’s station after repeatedly singing about the club which made some of the other passengers uncomfortable.

The fan was continuously chanting “Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!” which seemed to other irk other passengers. Soon after the train pulled into St. Paul’s station, one of the passengers got up and pushed the fan off the train just seconds before the train doors closed.

The Chelsea’s fan’s girlfriend was visibly miffed at the pusher as she yelled at him: “Stop, What you doing? You f***ing idiot. To this, the pusher replied: “He was being an a***hole.”

The video of the Chelsea fan being shoved off the train has had mixed reactions on social media. While some have defended the passenger’s action for throwing an annoying passenger off the train, others have criticised him as the Chelsea fan could have seriously gotten injured.

In the video you can see that the train doors closed almost as soon as the Chelsea fan was pushed. Had it been a second or two later, the fan could’ve been seriously or even fatally injured.