Steve Bruce plays down the prospect of fan boycott

Newcastle fans have had a rough deal over the past few years. Think back to the start of the century with Champions League football and a legendary manager like Sir Bobby Robson. Now they are a yo-yo club who have just appointed Steve Bruce…

Steve Bruce had spoken to Talksport about taking the job and the fan reaction. it’s fair to say he’s not buying the prospect of a fan boycott when the season starts. Bruce said: “One thing I do know is that the Newcastle fans will be there cheering their team like no other set of supporters can do when the season starts.”

He went on to say: “There’s been talk of a boycott but I firmly believe they will stand by their team.”

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The Sun reported earlier in the month that season ticket uptake was well down and fan groups were planning a boycott of their opening game against Arsenal on the 11th of August.

Newcastle fans are well known for being passionate and sticking by their team during some low periods in recent years. The appointment of Steve Bruce after allowing Rafa Benitez to leave was always going to upset fans but it appears they are starting to withdraw their support which will hit Mike Ashley in the pocket.


Ashley is unpopular in Newcastle

It’s understandable why the fans have grown frustrated with the lack of ambition shown at the club. They have been relegated twice in the last 10 years, have two top 10 finishes in the Premier League since 2006 and haven’t gone past the fourth round of the FA Cup since 2006 either.

The fans expect more and this could finally be the tipping point that sees Ashley forced to sell up or take some action to improve the club.


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