Former Premier League player makes remarkable claim over Pochettino’s future

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It’s not uncommon for radio pundits to say anything to try and get some attention or airtime. Often it can be nonsense but it’s easy to see some logic behind this claim by Tony Cascarino.

As reported on the Talksport website, the former Chelsea player had been speaking about the future of Mauricio Pochettino and expressed his belief that he may not last the entire season at Spurs. He said: “I look at Poch and I just feel from what’s happening and what he’s communicating, I’m not sure he’s going to be there at the end of this season.”

The main reason why these claims are credible can be seen in some of the comments being made by the Spurs boss this summer. Today the BBC reported that he felt he was no longer in charge of transfers and wanted to be known as a coach rather than the manager.

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The Argentine managed to take Spurs to the Champions League final last season, despite making no additions to the squad the previous summer. He’s widely regarded as one of the world’s best coaches so surely wouldn’t be short of offers if he left.

If he were to go there’s several clubs that would make sense for his next move. Man Utd and Real Madrid would be obvious destinations if Solskjaer or Zidane were to move on and PSG change their coach every few years too. A move to Barcelona would be fascinating, but it would be unlikley given Pochettino’s playing history with city rivals Espanyol.

Spurs have done incredibly well to establish themselves as a top four club in recent years but there is a feeling the end of an era could be coming up. The futures of Eriksen and Alderweireld look uncertain, Vertonghen is getting older and key players like Mousa Dembele moved on last year. Perhaps Pochettino feels he can’t do anymore.


Mousa Dembele Tottenham
Dembele was a vital part of the Spurs midfield