Forbes’ Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World – Manchester United Drop from 2nd to 6th

There’s good and bad news regarding Manchester United. The good news is that Man Utd has made it to the top 10 of the Forbes top 50 sports teams ranking. However, the bad news is that its fans could have a reason to be disappointed at this point in time, given the result of their favorite on this list.

The team has been ranked on the list, but here’s where the issue comes: it was ranked sixth. It used to be ranked second, which means it has dropped four ranks below their previous spot.

Right now, they are behind Barcelona and Real Madrid on the list. NFL’s Dallas Cowboys was the one to be on top once again. The team has received a value of $3.81 billion, with the 1-year change of -8%.

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Who Has Made It to the Top?

Dallas Cowboys are maintaining their top spot for this list once again. They are known to make a lot of money, and it seems there are no other teams to have the same knowledge in gaining the cash. Apparently, the team is valued at $5 billion, which is higher compared to all the other teams.

The team has maintained their spot for years, this one being the 4thconsecutive one where we see the NFL stars outranking the others. Since Jerry Jones is the businessman behind the team, it’s only normal that they generate so much revenue.

On 2ndplace, there are the Yankees, who have a value of $4.6 billion, and on the 3rdplace, we have Real Madrid, sitting at an estimated value of $4.2 billion. The 4thplace has been occupied by Barcelona, with $4 billion of estimated value.

What Happened to Manchester United?

As mentioned, the team wasn’t successful in keeping their 2ndspot on the list. They didn’t drop only one spot, but four whole ones. People are curious about how this club is being handled since Alexis Sanchez is only sitting on the bench and gaining £500 000 on a weekly basis.

But their value might have dropped after their last season’s campaign. They have lost over 1 billion pounds. After having shares of $27.70, the club has recently been closed at $18.08, valuing the club at only around 2.25 billion pounds. As such, the fans are outraged and want the Glazer family, who own the club, to sell it. There have even been fans going outside Old Trafford earlier this year as they are against the Glazer’s family’s ownership of the club. According to the supporters, the one billion should have been used to put the team on top again, not to pay debts for the Glazers.

As noted by The Sun, furious supporters have tried their best to get their questions answered, but ultimately the feeling of unrest appears to be rumbling on.

Apart from that, Manchester United haven’t won any league for years, their last one being in 2013. This past season, they were even close to relegation, so it’s not a surprise that their revenues have dropped considerably, and their rank has gotten lower too. So, Manchester United is deep down in debt, all due to the Glazers.

Now, the team sits at the sixth place, and we can only wait and see how things are going to get in the future, and whether their revenues will increase. They might have dropped four places but given so many other teams were able to go further to the top, it’s uncertain whether Man Utd will regain their value.

We think that Manchester United would be able to go back to where it was if they had the same knowledge in making money as the Dallas Cowboys. If you still want Man Utd to thrive, make sure to check soccer betting odds on and place bets on them during their matches.