Roma defeat Real Madrid to lift possibly the strangest and worst trophy of all time

Realistically nobody is going to get that hung up on a trophy for a pre-season trophy. Most resemble something you could pick up at a local engraver for £20. That’s not the case for Roma who have been presented with an actual living tree for winning the Mabel Green Cup.

It’s best to point out at this point I’m all for the saving of the planet and this game was chiefly organised to raise awareness on Earth preservation which is a magnificent thing.

It’s just not many of us were expecting to see a full squad of players huddled behind a tree to celebrate the winning of a pre-season cup.

The official English speaking Twitter account for Roma summed it up best:

Roma and real Madrid played out an exciting 2-2 draw with the Italians twice coming from behind to level the game.

It was Marcelo who missed the decisive spot kick as Roma ran out 5-4 winners after the penalty shoot out.

Roma’s trophy cabinet should be fine for now, however if the trophy keeps growing each year they may have to take the roof off of it.

Perhaps all competitions should ditch the old silverware and invest in living plants as trophies from now on? Hopefully the competition continues for next season and Roma could have the chance to defend their trophy against Nottingham Forest…