Video: Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his dance moves in incredibly cringe ad

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Cristiano Ronaldo has built one of the most successful brands off the pitch in sports, but this is a questionable idea from the Juventus superstar.

With his fame and reach, the Portuguese international will undoubtedly be inundated with requests from companies and other brands to help promote them while joining in business ventures.

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It will likely be down to the man himself and the team around him to decide which opportunities to pursue and which will perhaps not reflect so well on him.

On this occasion, their wires either got crossed or the money was too good to turn down as Ronaldo has surely put himself in the firing line for an ad with Shopee.

It all starts off normal enough, but soon descends into weirdness with Ronaldo showing off some questionable dance moves after his celebration is interrupted.

Time will tell if he manages to get away with it, but it’s fair to say that he’ll get some stick…

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