Ref who disallowed Man City’s late winner misses Chelsea game due to inexcusable reason

You could be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of Graham Scott before this weekend. The referee has shot to prominence after being the VAR official that disallowed Man City’s late winner over Spurs yesterday. His weekend has got even more eventful for another reason.

Scott was due to be the referee for Chelsea’s game against Leicester this afternoon, but he managed to get stuck in traffic and it’s led to a frantic change of plans from the officials.

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Journalist Paul Brown tweeted to confirm that the 4th official Oliver Langford will now be making his Premier LEague debut as a result.

It’s a huge game for the ref to be making his top flight debut in as all attention will be on the game to see if Frank Lampard can turn Chelsea’s bad start round and get a victory.

At least if he has a terrible game then VAR will be there to bail him out for any terrible decisions he might make.

When you consider all the money and planning involved with the Premier League, it’s completely inexcusable for a ref to be turning up ten minutes before kick off.