Transfer Rumors All Football Fans Need To Know About

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The Premier League is arguably one of the most exciting sporting leagues in the world. Fans from all around the world follow their favorite teams closely. As you should already know, the transfer window will be closing very soon. Teams need to make transfers as quickly as possible or they’re going to miss out. So, what should you know about? Within this article, you’re going to learn about the latest transfer rumors all football fans need to know about.

The Transfer Window

The transfer will be closing very soon. It is set to close on August the 8th at 5 PM BST. However, it should be noted that the rest of Europe will remain open until the month ends. This means that English clubs will not have the opportunity to replace players sold after the deadline. They’ll need to wait until January. While the window will close tomorrow, there is still time for a lot to happen.

Man United And Pogba

First and foremost, you should turn your attention to Manchester United. There has been some back and forth during recent days. It was rumored that Manchester United was contemplating getting rid of Paul Pogba. However, it seems that this isn’t going to happen now. The team’s time is running out. Therefore, they will probably not have enough time to sign a replacement. There are only a few hours left. Therefore, it is looking like Pogba will remain with Man United.

This is very similar to Neymar’s intention to quit PSG. That saga has dragged out all summer. During the month of June, Pogba made it clear that he wanted a new challenge. It was initially believed that he might move to Juventus or Real Madrid.

Tottenham And More Players?

Tottenham hasn’t signed many new players when given the opportunity to do so. Many players remain out in limbo. This is the case with Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld. It has been said that Toby is up for 25 million. This happened after a clause within his contract expired. Meanwhile, Eriksen has found limited success trying to obtain a new contract. Right now, it appears that Toby isn’t going anywhere. However, Eriksen has caught some attention from Manchester United.

Tottenham needs to sign a replacement immediately. Otherwise, they’re going to miss out on that transfer fee. They may try to sell him to Real Madrid or Manchester United. The odds at online pokies show that most people believe Toby will remain put for now.

Arsenal Needs A Defender

Arsenal has had a rough time. First and foremost, Laurent Koscielny made it clear that he wanted to leave. He refused to go to the team’s summer tour. After that, he signed with Bordeaux for 5 million. The Gunners were putting a lot of emphasis on signing more attackers. This move has hurt them. However, there is still time for Arsenal to sign a new defender. There is speculation that they could sign Kieran Tierney. That would be a good move for them since it would allow Nacho Monreal to spend more time at center back.

Sadly, Arsenal has not signed a defender and that is going to leave a void with Laurent leaving the team.

Zaha And Crystal Palace

Arsenal has made it clear that they want Nicholas Pepe. This is a bad thing for Zaha. After all, he has dreamed of playing for the team since his boyhood. Now, it doesn’t seem like this is going to come true. Unfortunately, he will probably be passed by. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that he could be signed by someone else. Napoli has shown some interest after they were unable to snag Pepe. Meanwhile, Everton tried to sign the player too. They mad a 54m bid but that was rejected.


Finally, you should take the time to analyze Liverpool’s stance. The team has champions and that is unlikely to change in the next few months. This is why the team seems like it is content with what it has. They have only added a few players to the team. It was also announced that the team wasn’t interested in getting Philippe Coutinho back. This is a sign of the confidence the team has in its current players.

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