Talks ended: Neymar admits defeat and will stay at PSG next season

I want to say this will absolutely be the end of this one but we all know something will probably change in the next few days. According to reports, Neymar’s return to Barcelona is OFF, and he intends to stay with the Parisians for at least another season.

L’Equipe have reported that Neymar has given up on the prospect of Barcelona and PSG agreeing on a deal so he’s decided to admit defeat and intends to honour his contract with PSG for at least one more year.

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The story also confirms earlier reports that Neymar was willing to pay €20m of his own money to try and help the transfer to go through, but it looks like that didn’t do anything to help.

It’s been the longest running transfer saga this Summer, it looked to most that Barca didn’t need him or could afford to re-sign him so it always seemed like a strange move for them to try and make.

Barcelona shouldn’t suffer too much as they can still fall back on a front three of Antonie Griezmann, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi.

These two and Griezmann are a decent fall back option for Barca

It will be worth keeping an eye on his performances for the rest of this season as you feel any sign of laziness or a bad attitude will be magnified by the press at any given opportunity.

Although this seems to be the end of it, prepare yourself to wake up tomorrow and find the transfer has actually gone through. Either that or Real Madrid will take advantage and throw a lot of money at him to get one over their biggest rivals. 


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