“Utterly Clueless” These fans react as VAR admits they made a mistake despite reviewing footage

I don’t think that anything or anyone else introduced to the Premier League has managed to have it’s name chanted at all 20 grounds despite only featuring in four rounds of matches. The “f*ck VAR” chant is becoming increasingly used and the flawed system was exposed yet again today.

Adam Leventhal commented on Twitter that it has been confirmed VAR had made a mistake in allowing a Newcastle goal to stand despite reviewing the footage:

I attended my first game with VAR present last week and it’s a rubbish experience, everyone stops and waits for something to be reviewed at any opportunity and you can’t take any ref’s decision seriously anymore.

Today’s error is doubly bad because there was a delay while VAR viewed the footage and they still couldn’t get the decision right. Man City fans will be quick to point out that the same system cancelled out their late winner over Spurs for a much smaller infraction.

The idea behind it is to cancel out any horrendous errors or if something is missed. Think back to Marco Materazzi’s headbutt on Zidane in the World Cup Final – If the ref had missed that then that’s the kind of decision you want your VAR system to look at.

This is the kind of thing VAR should be used for

Despite this I found myself recently spending five minutes watching someone draw various lines on a screen after Ruben Neves scored a stunner to equalise against Man United. Here’s a clue, if it takes you more than five minutes to decide if someone is offside then it’s probably not a clear and obvious mistake.

These fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration with the Newcastle decision:

Technology is wonderful when used properly but this system is completely flawed and takes a lot of the joy out of football. Despite that it may also be the only thing capable of stopping Man City this season…