Football manager loses his finger in gruesome accident after fetching a ball during a game

Hykeham Town boss Darren Dye saw his finger ripped off in a freak accident during a clash against Immingham Town in Lincoln this week.

The 51-year-old manager went to fetch a ball which had landed in the nearby woodlands after watching his side win their latest league clash at Priory City Academy in Lincoln.

According to The Sun, Dye attempted to jump the fence after discovering that the gate was locked, but his wedding ring got caught on the way over, severing his finger down to the knuckle until only bone and cartilage was left visible.

Dye said he knew instantly that the gruesome accident had caused significant damage, with his screams alerting the attention of a nearby Immingham Town player.

As per The Sun, he stated: “As soon as I landed I knew I had done something serious, but I didn’t know serious it was.

“I thought I’d lost half a finger. It felt like a numbing pain.

“One Immingham Town player heard a scream and began walking towards me.

“I said ‘Over here, mate, I have had a serious accident’.

“He saw I was in distress.”

Dye was quickly taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors informed him that there was nothing they could do to save his damaged finger.

The Hykeham Town head coach will receive physiotherapy for the next six weeks and his wedding ring sustained some damage after the incident.

Darren Dye lost a finger on his left hand

As per The Sun, he added on coming to terms with the fact he is now missing a finger: “They put the finger in ice and took an X-ray of my hand and finger.

“But there was too much damage to the blood vessels and nerves, so there was no way they could reattach it.

“I still feel it from time to time – it’s pretty weird.

“I have been given exercises to do so that the scar tissue doesn’t form around the finger as that could give me trouble gripping.

“The exercises are there to take away the feeling that my finger is still there.”