Michael Owen reveals the staggering debts he built up while bored on England duty

As a Scottish football fan the basic idea of your team being away on World Cup duty isn’t something I can really relate with. According to Michael Owen the time spent away from home was so boring that he tries to justify losing incredible amounts of money simply as something to do.

The news comes from his latest autobiography where he was talking about preparing for the 2002 World Cup and the card school that went on between England players.

As reported by The Telegraph, Owen suggests losing up to £30k was simply a way of relieving boredom and a complete non story.

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I can comfortably say for the vast majority of us, losing £30k on a game of cards would be an absolute disaster and would put us on the verge of financial ruin. Michael Owen tries to justify it.

Owen said: “While thirty grand is undoubtedly a lot of money – and a figure that I don’t take for granted at all – in the context of what I was getting paid at the time it really wasn’t that significant.”

He went on to say: “I know my dad has lost 25 per cent of his salary in a month having a bet on horses, so that is how I justify it to myself.”


Michael Owen is known to enjoy horse racing

It’s bizarre how footballers will claim that they get so bored on international duty. They have incredible facilities, a lovely hotel and a lot of time to practice and try to ensure they are in peak form for playing in the World Cup.

Perhaps a bit more dedication towards the football side of things and less gambling would have seen England achieve more in major tournaments.

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