Arsenal in trouble as insider claims Emery has no authority and there’s a lack of discipline at the club

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This kind of situation doesn’t tend to resolve itself without a change of manager or a huge turnover in the playing squad. Unfortunately for Unai Emery, the players have the power these days and it looks like his time at Arsenal is coming to an end.

The team imploded to let Watford come back from 2-0 down at the weekend and stories have been leaking out for a while that Emery might not have the total respect of the dressing room.

A report from the Sun suggests Emery ordered players to show solidarity to the outside world and give the impression that they are a tight nit group.

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Now I’m not quite sure who the “Arsenal insiders” are that The Sun quotes, but it’s pretty damning for the manager. The story claims these insiders say there is a lack of discipline at the club and Emery has struggled to exert any sort of authority over a pretty unruly dressing room.

They also try to suggest that star striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang criticised his teammates before going out partying until 3AM afterwards. It’s an easy way to try and generate anger among the fans because there would be no issue with this if Arsenal won the game, but it’s just another thing that adds to the list of issues growing at Arsenal.

Aubameyang spotted out late after the Watford draw

If Emery is forced to leave it will make things pretty interesting. History suggests clubs tend to go through managers quickly after someone long serving steps down – look at Man United as a prime example of struggling to get it right after Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

There’s just too many things building up against the Spaniard here, even if it’s not his fault it might still be best for the club to change manager and get someone with a bit more authority in.

Perhaps even go full on Man United and follow their lead, what are Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal up to these days?

Louis van Gaal Jose Mourinho
Perhaps they could create some sort of disciplinarian dream team/nightmare?
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