Icardi struggling to settle at PSG as Argentine players still hate him for affair with teammate’s girlfriend

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There are some players who are hideous human beings, disruptive influences and hated by teammates. Why do they still get picked up by big clubs? It must be that having someone as prolific as Mauro Icardi in the squad is worth the trouble for PSG. 

Please note when I say prolific I mean in goal scoring terms, not with the significant others of teammates.

It certainly sounds like a bit of a bonus for Neymar as he is no longer seen as the outcast of the PSG squad according to Gazzetta. It’s worth noting that Mauro Icardi doesn’t get much of a look in at international level because the important players in the Argentina squad don’t want him disrupting the group. As a result he only has eight caps.

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This is reflected in the Gazzetta story where they claim it’s actually the influence of Lionel Messi that is having a big impact here. They state that Leandro Paredes and Angel Di Maria don’t want to annoy their Argentina captain so they keep a distance from Icardi and don’t mix with him socially.

It’s fantastic to see that the schoolyard mentality still exists for multi millionaire footballers.

The whole problem comes down to the relationship between Icardi and his agent/wife Wanda Nara. She used to be the girlfriend of Maxi Lopez, who played with Mauro Icardi at Sampdoria. It’s believed that Wanda and Icardi had an affair which led to them now being married.

Icardi and Wanda

It’s a pretty horrible situation for Lopez, not only did his girlfriend run away with someone he considered a friend, according to Calciomercato, Icardi doesn’t let Lopez see the children he had with Wanda and uses them as a weapon against him. Icardi also has the names of Lopez’s children tattooed on himself.

Because of this it looks like most Argentine players side with Maxi Lopez and shun Mauro Icardi as a result. In a footballing sense he’s phenomenal, he scored 124 goals in 219 games for Inter but clearly they decided he wasn’t worth the trouble and moved him on.

PSG will be brilliant to watch this season, they have so many talented players but they also look like they could implode at any moment. Hopefully we see them play Barcelona so we can see the effect of Messi on Icardi up close.

Messi and Icardi warm up for Argentina
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