Which Famous Footballers Have Become Gambling Ambassadors?

In an attempt to get their name out into the public domain more, and show that they have credibility behind them, many bookmakers are bringing in brand ambassadors to help promote them. We have seen a number of different sports personalities take these kinds of jobs, both those who are still involved in sport and those that have retired from the game. Footballers are proving especially popular here, and the latest move we have seen involves yet another footballer. Didier Drogba has been snapped up by 10Bet as their new brand ambassador for the next two years, and he will now work with them to promote and increase exposure of their brand. 

This move is clearly designed to give 10Bet some further exposure, especially to those who follow the footballing world. Being noticed and having credibility is vital for any bookmaker, and 10Bet have made this move to improve that. They are making a push to get themselves seen and bring in new customers and signing up Drogba is a statement that they are hoping will help them achieve that. 

According to, 10Bet have a welcome offer available at the moment where new players could get £50 in bonus funds, they will be hoping their move to bring Drogba on board will give that offer more exposure. We have seen other betting companies in the past bring in former footballers to help them out, so this is a move that must have had success for some companies. 

If you would like to see what 10Bet have on offer then here is where you can finds more information about the service they offer to players who sign up. This includes the football margins that they have on their betting markets, which will give you an idea of the odds they have on offer. 

Ivan Rakitic Signs as a Betting Ambassador While Playing for Barcelona

One current player who has been involved in being an ambassador while playing at the top level is Ivan Rakitic. The 31 year old is currently going through a rough patch with Barcelona, and has recently been sent home from international duty to try and sort out his club future. Rakitic signed up with Ukranian based bookmaker FavBet, joining boxer Oleksander Usyk and former Arsenal footballer Alexander Hleb. 

He is one of a handful of players who have gone down this path while they are playing at the top of the game. Usually we see either retired players or those who are at the end of their career and playing in a lower quality league join schemes like this to promote betting companies, but that is not the case with Rakitic. 

However, with concerns about his future at Barcelona and numerous issues to sort out, this is probably the last thing on Rakitic’s mind at the moment, he will want to ensure his football is under control and settled before really beginning to work with FavBet and push their products. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Represents Swedish Betting Company Bethard

To try and make their mark across not only Europe but the entire world, Bethard turned to Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The 37 year old striker signed the deal while he was playing in the MLS, something he still does to this day. 

Ibrahimovic has had a glittering career and being Swedish himself and an icon in that country, this is a perfect fit for Bethard as a bookmaker. They began in Sweden but they want to grow much further than that, and with ambassador Ibrahimovic leading them forward, they have someone that can put their name out in front of people that wouldn’t normally have seen or head of it. 

Expect More Betting Companies to Use Sports Stars to Enhance their Brand

While many betting companies have now jumped on this bandwagon, don’t expect this kind of promotion to end. The betting industry is highly competitive and getting new customers on board is very difficult to do. By employing some kind of brand ambassador, and one that ties in well with their company, is a way that bookmakers are now enhancing their brand and reaching new people.

Companies such as 10Bet, FavBet and Bethard have all brought on board people to enhance their brand reputations, and people that can improve their stature around the world. The benefits for doing this will be seen in the number of sign ups they receive, and how their partnerships push this number up in the future. 

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