Barcelona poised to unleash lethal strike force but face ridicule over potential nickname

Sometimes a team or certain players will develop a nickname or acronym naturally and it becomes fondly remembered. Think the SAS with Sutton and Shearer. It’s one of those things that needs to grow organically, trying to force it isn’t a good look for anyone.

The good news for Barcelona is they look like they will get to deploy their lethal strike force of Antoine Griezman, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi from the start tonight and it should be interesting to see how they all play together.

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It seems the Spanish press can’t just enjoy the strike force for what it is, they’ve had some success with previous acronyms like the infamous MSN of Messi,Suarez and Neymar. Even the slightly forced BBC of Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo sort of worked.

The latest effort hasn’t gone down particularly well with journalist Sid Lowe:

Unless it’s a strange attempt to honour the Madison Square Garden venue or even the substance found in your Chinese take away then it’s just not a proper thing. The whole point is to come up with something clever that also exists, this is literally just taking the first letters of their surnames and putting them in a random order.

If they do all start tonight then you have to feel sorry for the Granada defence. They are huge underdogs anyway, but trying to shut down a strike force with a combined 1371 career goals between them isn’t going to be fun for anyone.

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Putting the G in MSG



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