“Oh f*ck off Carragher”:These fans react to Liverpool legend reacting with glee as VAR helps Liverpool

You do expect a former player to be irritatingly biased towards his own club when they become a pundit. Gary Neville is good to watch based on how much he speaks out against Man United on a regular basis. His colleague Jamie Carragher can be a bit more insufferable.

The funny thing about this incident is the VAR decision to cancel the Chelsea equalising goal was the right one, it just seems to be the way he gleefully reacted to the decision that’s irritated a lot of people.

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To make things even worse for the Chelsea fans, Liverpool went straight up the other end of the pitch to put themselves 2-0 up. Perhaps the Chelsea players were still distracted as they completely fell asleep to allow Roberto Firmino a free header from six yards out.

Carragher’s reaction certainly annoyed these fans on Twitter:

It’s probably created a situation where fans will be eagerly waiting for VAR to go against Liverpool just to see how the former Anfield defender reacts to it.

Let’s face it, VAR outcomes are an absolute tombola so it will happen soon enough.

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